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Want tasty, healthy food your campers will eat?
Yes Please!

Camp Meals

There’s nothing more fun for children than spending the day in camp. Surrounded by friends, they get to do all their favorite things - sports, crafts, and water activities! Children need delicious, nutritious food to fuel them for an active day in camp, and we deliver just that.

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We also

  • Catering for BBQ & special events
  • Food for trips
  • Snack packages
  • Kitchen staff to distribute the food

    “Healthy Heart prepares 400+ meals every day for our Meals on Wheels program. Working together for 10 years, we have been thrilled with the Healthy Heart experience. The staff is extremely accommodating and always on-call to help. If we need emergency meals over the weekend, we know we can count on Healthy Heart. They helped us create a menu based on dietary restrictions and preferences, and our participants really enjoy the food. Thank you Healthy Heart!”

    Meals on Wheels Coordinator, Peter Cardella Senior Center
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